HMO Plans = No Coverage at the Top Specialty Hospitals in America that boast 30% to 40% higher Survival Rates!


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Plans are not available in all states. The information in your quote and in any accompanying literature does not provide full details of the Insurance Certificate. Different plan provisions may apply in certain states. The quote is only a brief description of Benefits available. The complete terms of the coverage, including limitations and exclusions, and any state required provisions are in the Insurance Certificate.

  • ​​​PPO Plans allow you to pick the Doctor and Hospital You Want, including all the Specialty Hospitals Not available with ACA (ObamaCare) HMO Plans!
  • Customize to fit your budget, these long term plans offer extraordinary coverage you can use anywhere in the USA! 
  • ​​Affordable Long Term, Unlimited Medical/Hospital Coverage Plans with Really Low Deductibles and A+ rated Carriers! 

Health Insurance has gone through Dramatic Changes in 2017/2018

More Long Term Private Unlimited Coverage Plans are Available that offer huge Discounts for being Healthy and you can customize to your Budget!

This means More Choices and Big Savings (30 to 60%) for

Healthy Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners

Most Agents Do Not have access to Long Term Unlimited Full Coverage Private Plans that are Not on the ACA (ObamaCare Exchange) We Do!

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